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Top Deck Cards : Bicycle Desert Shield Ace of Spades Playing Cards 808 Deck Features And Price

Top Deck Cards :  Bicycle Desert Shield Ace of Spades Playing Cards 808 Deck

Top Deck Cards :  Bicycle Desert Shield Ace of Spades Playing Cards 808 Deck
  • One Sealed Deck of 808 Desert Shield Playing cards
  • The front of the box has a picture of the ace of spade and the text "Bicycle ­ 808 ­ The U.S. Playing Card Co. ­ CINCINNATI, U.S.A. ­ DESERT SHIELD."
  • The box has an ace of spades stamp at the top holding it closed. The word "BICYCLE" appears around the top of the box in red.
  • Price :  $4.33

Product Description

DESERT SHEILD The death cards made an appearance again during desert Storm. because the entire war was over in 100 hours there was no point in using them on the enemy. Instead, they were made up as calling cards and personal mementos of the units involved in the war. United States Playing Card has been making cards for the military for nearly a century, Remember those Vietnam-era images of soldiers tucking the Ace of Spades in their helmets? U.S. Playing Card made entire decks of the aces because they were believed to inspire fear among enemy fighters. Similar decks were reissued in Operation Desert Shield, but more as a tradition than as a psy-ops weapon. This is a standard Bicycle ace of spades produced by the company and shipped to the troops about to take part in the Persian Gulf War. It looks exactly like a standard playing card, except at the lower center they have printed the words "Desert Shield." Desert Shield was the name of the operation during the defensive phase of the war when the Coalition was building up its forces in Saudi Arabia. The operation was changed to Desert Storm when the Coalition went on the offensive. During the Vietnam War, the U.S, Playing Card Company produced entire decks of the Ace of Spades for combat troops in Vietnam. They were sent free of charge in a box called "Secret Weapon." Those decks were not marked Vietnam since this was never done before. During Operation Desert Shield, however, Bicycle again produced the decks in new packaging and typeface to distinguish the Vietnam and Desert Shield decks. The Desert Shield decks are clearly marked "Desert Shield." Again, these decks were supplied to U.S. troops free of charge. I don't think the card had the same significance as it did in Vietnam.

Product Honest REVIEW 

" I was looking for a pack of plain, nondescript Aces only cards. The only item I found was this and I thought, "what the heck, I am a veteran of Desert Shield/Storm". I have a few of the originals left. This wasn't exactly what I wanted but I ordered them anyway. The description and picture implies that they would have the "Desert Shield" banner on them. They don't. That's okay, though, because as I stated earlier, I was looking for a pack of Aces only cards and this ended up being exactly what I got."

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