Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top deck Cards : the Bicycle Ellusionist Shadow Masters card deck

The Bicycle Ellusionist Shadow Masters card deck  is all around the top deck cards out there. Bicycle makes the world's finest cards, and now with Ellusionist's help they have created a cery nice  deck of cards which is absolutely stunning ! Each card is hand-designed in a concise  detail, made with the highly appreciated  UV500 Airflow Finish, printed on a very  high quality stock, and then made it  look just as if  every card was a lovely  peice of art.

The cards look incredble ;though  some people complain about the sides of the cards because they are not black , and it is true, but no card stock is black, so there's nothing that can be done for that purpose , but still the cards look so  beautiful. The skeleton Jokers are fantastic , the Ace of Spades is very cool , and just the appearance of the jet black deck with its dark and eerie look is definitely  worth the price. Plus the deck comes with a nice gaff card, and a few other special secrets so that  you can perform as many tricks as you want, as soon as you pull them out of that beautiful box! in addition to that it is one of the top deck cards for all time.

          The cards handle like an illusion , rather it's Poker, or some other kind of game you're going to use them for, such as Magic Tricks,  Cardistry, or just have them as a collection, they are the best for all sort of things . Being a Cardist, I highly value the quality and the performance of the Shadow Masters Deck, and believe it's the top deck cards out there  and all the rest.

I highly recommend this deck for all purposes, it looks very nice , feels awesome. I hope this review is kinda helpful, and if you're considering purchasing a deck of these cards, then you should do it, because you won't be dissapointed at all due to the above reasons i mentioned

if you ever conisder purchasing one of the top deck cards , i recommand using AMAZON

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