Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top Deck Cards : Bicycle Tragic Royalty Playing Cards

product Features 

  • Cards glow under blacklight
  • Poker size Regular index
  • Single deck

Product Description

Fun in the Dark

Do you have a Goth side? Bicycle Tragic Royalty playing cards do, too. The Tragic Royalty Deck is designed with bold black and dark-red backs, with whimsical and ghoulish court cards, each with separate impish poses and the Ace of Spades tangled in a fitting spider web.
The biggest surprise of all: These playing cards glow in the dark when used under a black light.
Great for card players, card collectors, magicians, or just another way to impress the kids with a deck of cards for family game night.

Product Honest Reviews : 

" I collect playing cards for their designs. Many of the decks in my collection have unique backs, Jokers, and the Ace of Spades, but the face cards are usually standard.

This deck is 100% unique. Each outward angle of the diamond, club, heart or spade has a flourish, EACH face card is unique and different, and the numbers and letters on the cards are also unique. The only cards that are standard are the Jokers...weird. The cards themselves are grey, both front and back with black, white and red ink. As for the quality, I'm finding them not to be the stiffest card stock, but they're not the weakest either. Just keep in mind that it's most likely meant to be a novelty deck. "

" I do magic tricks, many of them involving cards. I've owned hundreds of decks, and I'm sorry but these are not top quality USPC card stock. Sure, they fan well out of the box, but within the hour they were pretty much reduced to pretty looking novelty garbage. The card stock is noticeably thinner than standard Bicycles (don't believe me? Just play around with a regular deck for 10 minutes and then switch over to this).

In the end a really pretty looking deck that'll do just fine as a novelty item to have a bit of fun with, especially around Halloween. If you want a deck of cards to last? This isn't the place to look. "

" These cards were a birthday gift for my guy because he loves playing cards and loves things that are funny/spooky. These cards are artistic (in a sort of Edward Gorey way) and unique. Each of the "royal" cards is totally unique. It is definately one of his favourite sets! "

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