Friday, November 15, 2013

top deck cards: Dark Horse Deluxe Dragon Age II Playing Cards

  top deck cards: Dark Horse Deluxe Dragon Age II Playing Cards features and price

 top deck cards: Dark Horse Deluxe Dragon Age II Playing Cards
  • Based on BioWare's fantasy video game series
  • Made in cooperation with the BioWare development team
  • Detailed artwork captures the look and feel of the game
  • price: $6.85 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Product Description

The BioWare development team has helped us design two fantastic decks of playing cards-one featuring characters from Mass Effect and the other featuring the captivating art of Dragon Age II. Each deck includes 52 cards plus 2 jokers 

Dark Horse Deluxe Dragon Age II Playing Cards reviews :

"These playing cards are very cool, and these cards are not totally junk. There are neat profiles of the characters on the face cards. Although they may not hold up for many playings, these cards will hold up for awhile. Dragon Age is very cool. I bought these cards for a December the 25th present. I am certain they will not disappoint!

Overall, I am happy with the purchase of these cards."
"The cards are very detailed with high quality printing. The edges are not sharp. They can withstand plenty of 'rough' card games (eg ones where the cards are slapped down, etc). I'm very impressed by the quality."
" With the new Dragon Age Inquisition coming out I thought it was necessary to play through the first two games and get some items from one of EA's beloved franchises. I saw these cards and having a fondness for the game I bought them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were of very hgih quality and feature beautiful artwork that seems almost to be like concept art. I can't wait to surprise my friends during lunch break with a nice game of cards. A+ value item!"

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