Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Deck Cards: Arcane Playing Cards (Black Deck) by Ellusionist

Top Deck Cards: Arcane Playing Cards (Black Deck) by Ellusionist Ffeatures
  • The design is ALSO available in white (this one is black)... click the "by Ellusionist" up top to see all our products
  • High resolution, thick luxurious stock ----> long lasting
  • Ace ribbons go all the way around the box
  • Gorgeous, quality cards that produce gasps from your guests
  • Printed by United States Playing Card Company to Ellusionist specs

  • Arcane Playing Cards (Black Deck) by Ellusionist Description

    Three top designers from across the globe working long nights and days bring you a deck of playing cards unparalleled in the industry. ARCANE. 
  • Arcane Playing Cards (Black Deck) by Ellusionist Review

These cards have a lot of good qualities. They are very slick and easy to manipulate, very good for sleights. The cards can be a little slippery and hard to handle if you are not used to them, though. The design on the back is very amazing, very mystical, and good for distracting your audience during your act. They are not as durable as other decks, focusing more on performance then longevity. Beginners might not be well suited to use these cards, and should settle for something with more durability, such as the Ghost deck. The joker design is not the most appealing thing that I have seen, it depicts a female demon crawling out of a circular opening. That is the one thing i would fix, though it does not affect the performance. One of the main reasons people buy this item is because of the incredible gaff deck that is made for it, it the most advanced gaff I have ever seen. If you are interested in gaff magic, then these are by far the best cards to go with. All in all, they are good for the intermediate and advanced. 
the cards handle very well, incredible flourishes.. but when they arrived they were slightly warped, I suppose I can't blame the seller or shippers considering I live in Arizona and the heat will do that :/ but over all a fantastic deck of cards, Highly recommend ! 
awesome deck!awesome deck! i would recommend it to others if they want a cool deck to play with. great designs on them 

Arcane Playing Cards (Black Deck) by Ellusionist Official Page



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