Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Deck Cards: Bicycle Spectrum Playing Cards price and features

Top Deck Cards:  Bicycle Spectrum Playing Cards

    Top Deck Cards:  Bicycle Spectrum Playing Cards price and features
  • Bicycle Quality
  • Magic Finish
  • Poker Size
  • Collectible
  • Limited Edition

This is a standard deck of playing cards with 52 different colored backs. This deck was designed to take you from one end of the rainbow spectrum to the other, thus the creation of 52 uniquely colored and different, rider backed playing cards. The deck was designed by Cosmo Solano, magician and creator. The deck also features a custom ace of spades and 2 custom jokers. In addition, Magic finish was used to give this deck extra durability and improved handling.

 what Magicians Say about Bicycle Spectrum Playing Cards

I know little about magic and cards bought for it. But my 10 year old grandson was thrilled to get this deck for his birthday. I was pleased because I used the very favorable comments on Amazon to purchase it. I;m very glad to have customer comments to refer to. 
The cards all have a different spectrum of colors for each 13 cards in a suit. Great conversation topic at parties. 
Very good product. I love it! So many colours in the deck you will love using such an amazing deck of cards!

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