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Top Deck Cards: Jim Stott's Deluxe Card Magic Kit Video Review - Price and features

Top Deck Cards:  Jim Stott's Deluxe Card Magic Kit Video Review

Top Deck Cards:  Jim Stott's Deluxe Card Magic Kit Video Review
  • Everthing You Need to Get Started With Card Magic
  • Learn the Secrets to the World's Greatest Card Tricks
  • Learn to Entertain with a Borrowed Deck of Cards
  • Includes Three 'Special' Decks to Create Miracles
  • Includes the Magic Card Box!
  • Price: $29.95

Product Description

Card magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment known to man. The kit provides everything you need in order to start entertaining friends, family, business associates, and anyone else you want to amaze and impress. Included in this kit are three specialty decks of cards, a magic card case, and 5 booklets teaching you over 300 tricks. With the Svengali deck, you can have a spectator select a card, have the card then appear in different locations, and conclude by having all cards in the deck change into the selected card. The Stripper Deck enables you to have a spectator select a card. The spectator can shuffle the deck and you are able to immediately find the card. This is only one of many effects possible with this deck. With the Incredible Blank Deck, a deck of cards is shown that is blank on both sides. You cut the cards and magically have one card appear. And then, the entire blank deck magically turns into a regular deck of cards with fronts and backs appearing. The Magic Card Box enables you to have cards appear, disappear, and change into other cards! These examples are just a sampling of the tricks that can be done with the cards in this kit. One of the booklets included teaches you how to perform 75 tricks with a regular deck of cards, whether it be yours or a deck you borrow. The stripper deck that is included can also be used as a regular deck. With Jim Stott's Deluxe Card Magic Kit, you will be well on your way to mastering card magic and being able to entertain others. Order your set today and get started on a magical journey
  Jim Stott's Deluxe Card Magic Kit Video Review
  Jim Stott's Deluxe Card Magic Kit Video Review
Let me start by saying I usually don't write reviews--but Jim Stott's service definitely meritted one.

I needed a stripper deck of cards for an upcoming event. I originally went to a local magic shop, only to be ripped off and sold an ordinary deck of cards. Since that was the only shop in the area (and they wouldn't take exchanges), I looked online. Jim's product included 3 decks of cards and a magic card box (as well as the books explaining the tricks) for the price of the one stripper deck the local shop had sold me.

Jim was prompt with his product shipping, and had emailed me every step of the way--letting me know that the product had shipped, as well as sending me additional magic trick booklets through email. I would definitely order from him in the future.

Jim also has a video up on YouTube showing what's included in this kit--I definitely recommend that you check it out.  
I ordered this Card Magic Kit for my 11 year old who loves card tricks. We had some snaufs by Amazon in getting the right product to us, but Mr. Stott had emailed a thank you for the purchase to us immediately, so I reached out to him directly. He worked with us and provided several sets of bonus material for my son to use while we waited to receive the kit, answered questions and encouraged my son's efforts. The kit arrived, and he loves it. The instructions are clear and clear and the pictures helpful. Some techniques are basic enough for a beginner (and some of these my son ahd already mastered), but the kit and bonus materials provide a big variety of tircks that progress into advanced techniques as well. The trick decks are fun and useful, but there are also plenty of tricks that use a regular deck, and the tips and techniques have helped my son develop a few variations and tricks of his own. We are very pleased. My son even asked if I had to pay a "ton of money" for the kit because it contained so much, and I assured him that it was a great value. Mr. Stott has been very generous in followinig up with additional tips and techniques and advise as well. I hightly recommend this kit, and Mr. Stott's other products to anyone hoping to learn and master card tricks. 
What a fun magic card. My son is totally loving it. Thanks a lot Jim. You made a perfect birthday gift! 


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