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Top Deck Cards: Magic Makers Original Bicycle Red Deck Features and price

Top Deck cards :Magic Makers Original Bicycle Red Deck - 1st Generation 


Top Deck Cards: Magic Makers Original Bicycle Red Deck Features and price
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  • 1st generation Magic Maker's Red deck
  • Standard "808 Poker" Format - Only 1 Joker
  • Air Cushion Finish
  • Includes instructions
  • Only one joker is included
  • Price: $19.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Product Description

This Red Hot faced poker deck soars across your spectator's eyes with full color court cards sporting black and white pips! Beyond the 52 standard cards, this deck holds 4 bonus magic cards sure to take your card work to the highest levels of illusion. Bonus Effects Supported With Extra Cards: The King Card Trick A Red Joker Trick The Red Deck Becomes Blank & More! ONLY ONE JOKER IS INCLUDED
Top deck cards: Magic Makers Original Bicycle Red Deck review
Love these cards. They feel great in your hand. Take a little getting use to, but the corners don't bend and peel like paper cards. 
Las cartas llegaron a tiempo, y el material está espectacular, las recomiendo sin reparo para los interesados en jugar o hacer trucos 
This review isn't about the product; it's about the company "Stay At Home Dads, We Know Games" that sells this product and Amazon's customer feedback format. I'm sure this deck is great, but I wouldn't know yet. I ordered these cards from Stay At Home Dads to put in my kid's Christmas stocking, but when the order arrived on Dec. 20th, it was just a regular deck of Bicycle cards with the red back, not "The RED Deck" which cost me $8.99. Regular Bicycle cards cost a few bucks and you can buy them in any store. It is now the third day from when I contacted "Stay At Home Dads" and the two emails they sent have yet to give me a definite answer on when they would send me what I ordered, just that they "may have" made a mistake and asked if the cards had a UPC symbol on the bottom. And Amazon's feedback format totally sucks! If you want to edit feedback you made regarding a company's service and you delete it so you can change it, forget about being able to leave anymore feedback about the company. I made that mistake and now I can't leave feedback about the company. My goal is to collect different colored playing cards for my kids every year, and this would have been a nice addition. Hopefully, "Stay At Home Dads" will make right on their mistake.
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