Friday, September 12, 2014

Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards 2014 Video Review

Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards 2014 Video Review
  • Single deck of poker-sized playing cards
  • Regular index
  • Built for enhanced flexibility and strength
  • Perfect for any card game
  • Great for magic tricks FULL DETAILS AND DISCOUNT
  • Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards

    Product Description

    Bicycle delivers classic playing cards and memorable experiences that players can trust based on its longstanding tradition of producing quality, fun and family-friendly products that bring people together.
            Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards 2014 Review
  • I was very excited when i bought these cards, however i was disappointed upon opening the box. The cards are made out of a slightly thicker stock which normally would be great, but the entire deck was not cut properly. The cards had very rough edges and some had extra paper along what should be a perfectly smooth deck edge. This is not hugely noticeable, but as a magician for 9 years, it is proving to make lifts and other handlings more difficult.

    i was also a bit disappointed at the resolution of the images on the back. i really expected a crystal clear guardian backing to these cards, but it is a disappointing quality since the artwork from which it came was much better quality.

    not bad cards, but i had higher expectations.

    cards arrived extremely quickly which i was very pleased about.  
 Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards 2014 Video Review,Bicycle Guardians Playing Cards 2014 Video Review

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