Thursday, September 18, 2014

Top Deck Cards: DuraFlex 100% Plastic Playing Cards by Bicycle 2014 - 2 Decks

Top Deck Cards: DuraFlex 100% Plastic Playing Cards by Bicycle 2014  - 2 Decks
  • DuraFlex 100% Plastic Playing Cards by Bicycle - 2 Decks      
  • DuraFlex 100% Plastic Playing Cards by Bicycle - 2 Decks
  • Quality 100% Plastic washable playing cards
  • Poker size, regular indexed
  • Great for Poker, Blackjack or any other card game!
  • 2 single decks in plastic cases (red & blue) per order
 DuraFlex 100% Plastic Playing Cards Review 2014:
Seems like every couple of months I try to buy a new deck of plastic cards. Its turned into a bit of a collection thing for me I guess. Everyone is familiar with regular Bicycle playing cards, so I was really curious to see how these plastic ones would be.

Played a poker game last night with them and I am thoroughly pleased. I like the individual cases they come in. Most plastic cards come with one plastic case that divides the two decks, I rather enjoy the mix up. The colors are rich, the pattern on the back of the cards is really nice. And the quality of the card is nice, worked really well for our poker game.

Only thing that remains for me is to see how they hold up over time. Like I said I have only used them once so we will see. But for now, 5 stars.  
'These cards are ridiculously amazing. They are everything I could have wanted. Each color (in this case, red & blue) come with their own durable black case with its' coordinating color on the front. This makes them very easy to store and keep clean. The quality of these cards is incomparable. They don't bend in the wrong ways or fade out. I use them on a regular basis and they have been fantastic.
One small, very small, suggestion would be to put a latch or something else to keep the cases closed. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I worry about them spilling or coming loose.'

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